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Company Profile & Outlook
JSY Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd 2012 was established in Taipei, Taiwan, professional LED lighting manufacturers, research and development, manufacturing as one of the LED lighting business.
The Company was originally Ju Xin billion Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (Since 2007) under the Division , the parent company of raw materials for the LED professional manufacturer / supplier and distributor , manufacturer of LED phosphors used / diffusion powder / plastic cake / glue, also represent Japan / Taiwan LED related raw materials - glue / alloy wire / porcelain mouth , etc. In the LED industry has a profound expertise inking . Responding flourishing due to technological development in recent years , growing demand of energy , but the world's energy pin dried -increasing , so the development of green energy products for the world's countries in their efforts to implement the inevitable trend.

2 years ago branched out into LED lighting manufacturing industry , set up another LED Lighting Division - Ju Xin billion Technology Co., Ltd. (JSY), since its inception, is committed to developing , manufacturing and marketing of high efficiency , low energy LED lamps , etc. a series of energy-efficient lighting products. Development and design all kinds of new energy lighting such as LED down lights, bulb, lighting, flat light , T5 & T8 lamp holder lamp and so on. We have the advantage of R & D R & D department ...

 LED industry warning: policy, "flowers" shed, uncertain market demand [9/13/2013] (Click849)
 2014 GE Lighting LED sales are expected to grow 60% [9/13/2013] (Click1124)
Product Category
Bulb (23)
Tube (9)
Ceiling Lamp (11)
Recessed light (8)
Spoot light (9)
Panel light (7)
Track Light (11)
Horizontal Plug Lamp (11)
Candle Lmap (6)
Mining lamp (1)
Spot Light / Tunnel Light (9)
Ceiling (6)
Downlight (6)
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